LPG Gas Cylinders

The advantages of LPG are numerous. Here is why you should change to this form of energy. LP gas:

  •         Gives you an instant cooking flame.
  •         Is easy and instantaneous to light.
  •         Is easy to control.  The blue flame is visible and its size is easily controlled over a wide range so that the required rate of heating can be obtained.
  •         Is non-poisonous and safe to use.
  •         Burns cleanly and does not produce any soot, smoke or smell during combustion, therefore leaving your kitchen clean.
  •         Is pure, and very consistent in quality.
  •         Adds to your comfort because cooking is quick and the kitchen does not get heated as with other fuels like wood or charcoal.
  •         Is available. KND GAS distributor delivers a refill cylinder free of charge at your home.
  •         Is compatible with many different appliances and easy to maintain. KND GAS will give technical or service-related advice for any LPG installation.
  •         Is used in many different sectors, i.e. domestic, commercial, industrial, and agricultural.